You’ve just started back to school, and you’re wondering what you can do to protect yourself and stay safe on campus. Security should be one of your top concerns, so follow a few personal safety tips and learn how to stay out of harm’s way.

Don’t Become A Target

There are many reasons a predator may select a person as their next victim. We may not fully understand how the criminal mind works, but it has been proven that there are certain things predators look for. A law breaker is always watching for people that they can easily victimize. This could be someone who is alone and appears to be timid, or someone who obviously has something they want. Students should do everything they can to avoid being thought of as an easy target.

As you walk across the campus, hold your head up and look at the people around you. When you walk slowly, slump your shoulders and stare down at your own feet, you give the impression of being a meek person who could be easily intimidated. A criminal prefers people who will not give them any trouble, so if you seem to be the type that won’t defend yourself in any way you are more likely to be targeted.

Have you ever seen someone who was holding a large amount of cash, or making it obvious that they are carrying something of great value? People like that can be hard to miss, and a predator is sure to notice. When you are out in public areas of your campus, never make it obvious that you have money or expensive jewelry on your person. A thief will see that you have something they want, and you could be accosted. During a mugging, the best case scenario may be that you just have something taken from you, but you never know when an incident could turn violent. Would you be able to defend yourself?

Self Defense Classes

College students tend to have very busy schedules full of classes, homework and studying, but it’s always a good idea to include a course on self defense. You will be taught how to temporarily disable an attacker, and learn basic moves that will catch an assailant by surprise and help you get away safely. Many of these classes also teach you how to use self defense weapons. Non lethal devices that are designed for your personal protection, such as pepper spray or stun guns, may seem easy to operate, but unless you are very familiar with them you might not have the presence of mind to utilize them properly if you are assaulted.

Self defense training can be very beneficial, but remember that it may not always be wise to attempt to defend yourself. If a criminal has a gun or another lethal weapon, the best thing to do is cooperate. Unless your life is being threatened, you will not want to make the situation worse by provoking your aggressor. It’s good to know some martial arts techniques, but in some circumstances trying to use them may actually put your life more at risk.

You can help ensure your personal security on campus by taking every step possible to not look like a good target to criminals, and by learning how to protect yourself when it is necessary. Many students choose to live on campus, and there are other safety tips they can follow to keep safe in the dorms…

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