The years you spend at a higher education facility are designed to help you learn and grow as a person. It will be an extremely busy time with classes, homework and social functions. Your schedule will most likely be so hectic that it be difficult to focus on anything else. However, in the modern society we live in, everyone must understand and learn about the possibility of becoming a victim of crime. Making college a safe experience has a lot to do with  awareness and preparedness.

Tips To Avoid Crime

Wherever you go, you should always be very aware of your surroundings. Are you passing by dark alleys or large bushes – anywhere that a predator may hide from your view until it is too late? Are you walking boldly and with confidence, or do you give the appearance of being meek, lost or afraid?

Make sure you don’t look like an easy target. Avoid areas where criminals can remain hidden, and walk quickly and confidently. Make brief eye contact with people you pass and keep your shoulders and head held up high. Never look like an easy target.

You should always know where security is located on campus. Find out the phone number for main security office, and put it in your cell phone. If you ever need help at school, the security crew will be the first source of assistance.  When you drive anywhere on or off campus, be sure to park in well lit areas, preferably near other cars. Avoid dark and isolated streets and garages. If possible, choose a parking lot that is monitored by a security guard. Whenever you leave your car, always lock it. You may plan to be right back, but it only takes a minute for someone to open your door and get in. Never leave personal items in plain view in your car. Valuables and other goods that are displayed on the seats of your automobile will tempt criminals to break in and steal them. When you return to your vehicle, have your keys in your hand and be ready to get into the car right away. Once in, make sure the doors are locked and prepare to drive off as soon as possible. If a stranger approaches your car, do not get out for them, and never let them inside your vehicle. Offer to call the police if the person claims to be in need of help, and drive away if they will not leave you alone.

Work With Your Fellow Students

Your friends and other college students can help each other by working together to avoid crime. Walk in groups instead of alone, especially at night. Arrange for others to walk to classes with you.  A predator is not very likely to attack a group of people. They usually look for someone who is alone, and therefore more vulnerable.

Get to know the people in your dormitory. Start your own Crime Watch Group to help within the dorm. Work together to watch for people who should not be in your building, people who are loitering and anyone who is acting suspiciously. When people are watching out for each other, it helps to keep everyone safe. Have everyone write down a list of emergency contact numbers, such as the home or cell phone number of a parent or trusted relative. Keep the list of numbers in a safe place where it can be easily found if needed.

Keep the doors leading into your dormitory locked at all times. Ask campus security to check the doors and survey your building every night.

Become Students Of Crime Prevention

You will be taught many things at college; among them should be how not to become a victim. Criminals are always on the lookout for easy targets – people who seem to be timid, uncertain and unable to fight back. When you are aware of what criminals are looking for, and where they may be hiding, it is easier to avoid them.

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