Part of making college a safe experience is knowing how to watch for dangerous situations, and work together with others to help avoid crime. The next step is to be ready- just in case you are the potential victim of a crime.

Don’t Be A Victim

You may find yourself in a situation in which someone is trying to steal from you, take advantage of you, or even commit a sexual assault against you. In these instances you knowing how you can protect yourself can make a big difference.

Self Defense Techniques

Learn how to provide your own defense by taking a Martial Arts Class. Even a very basic self-defense course will teach you some vital information that can be useful if you are attacked. Techniques such as the palm strike or groin kick allow you to hurt your assailant and get away. Investigate several classes or courses to find out which one is right for you.

There are several courses available that can teach you even basic moves in a single session.

Many colleges offer courses like these. One big reason you may find it worth your while to take a class that will help you learn how to fight back as the benefit of these sorts of classes is they will give you more confidence and self-assurance. When you feel confident in yourself, it shows. This alone may help to deter a predator from choosing you.

There are things to do even if you haven’t had any sort of “formal” training as well. If you are attacked, use anything you can as a weapon. If you do not have something like pepper spray or a stun device you can get to, pick up a large rock, a glass bottle or whatever is accessible that you can use against your assailant. Using an item as a weapon can temporarily halt the attacker, and give you time to get away. Try as best you can to keep as clear a head as possible during an assault, and always look for an escape route.

Know When To Back Down

That said, and while it can be helpful to learn martial arts and be ready to fight back, sometimes it is necessary to stand down and do what the criminal is telling you. They may have a gun, knife or other dangerous weapon. If so, the best thing you can do is cooperate. Give a mugger your wallet or other valuables, or let a thief take your purse if they are armed. It is better to lose your possessions than to risk great harm or even death. Even if you are uncertain if an assailant has a weapon, if there is a possibility, then your best bet may very well be to play it safe.

If you have been robbed or assaulted, seek help immediately. Contact security and the police, and get medical attention if you have been hurt. Cooperate with the police. Do your best to give a description. Remember- someone has done this to you, they very well might do it to someone else.

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