These days unfortunately, crime is on the rise on college campuses. In the dangerous times we live in, everyone must do whatever they have to in order to protect themselves, their loved ones and their belongings. Here are some more tips about making college a safe experience.

Protect Your Possessions

When you live in a dorm you usually do not have a lot of expensive personal items in the room. However you may have cash, jewelry, iPods, or other valuables. It is a great idea to keep these smaller items hidden and secure at all times to avoid theft. A diversion safe is a good and inexpensive solution. The safes are created to look like other household items such as a soda can or shaving cream canister. A thief will usually only remain inside a dorm room for a few minutes, so the better you have your valuables hidden, the more likely it is they will not be stolen.

It is even more important to protect yourself and assure your own safety. There are many items you can invest in to help with this:

Carry A Personal Alarm

When you go out, it is a good idea to make sure you have a couple of personal safety products with you. You can find safety lights, which will flash brightly or audible alarms, which will make a lot of noise when turned on. You can carry one in your car, and/or take one with you whenever you ride a bicycle.

It is a good idea to bring a personal alarm with you whenever you are in public. When you set off an audio style alarm, it will emit a high-pitched noise that will be heard by anyone nearby. This sound will let people know there is trouble in their vicinity, and someone is in danger. The sound of the alarm itself is generally enough to scare off an attacker. Criminals do not want to have attention drawn to them, and a personal alarm will do just that.

Non-Lethal Weapons For Students

You may want to purchase a weapon that you can carry with you. There are many types of legal weapons you can invest in:

Tasers- These will shoot two pronged electrically charged probes at your assailant. The probes can reach their target from up to fifteen feet away. Once they have hit, the probes will shock the attacker and cause them to collapse.

Defense Sprays – A defense spray, such as mace or pepper spray, can be used to stop a predator in their tracks. The powerful spray will disable an attacker from up to eight feet away.

Stun Guns – Stun devices distribute a strong electric charge to a criminal. The shock will temporarily paralyze the recipient, thereby giving you the time you need to get away.

These weapons are not lethal, and will temporarily halt an attacker. They do not cause any long term damage or effects. Most can fit into a girl’s purse, or in the pocket of a pair of pants or a jacket.

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