Self-Defense Training on Campus With Tasers

A college campus, like any other commonly shared location, can be a dangerous place, so crime prevention steps are essential. There may be times when students are forced to defend themselves against a predator or violent aggressor. If you are going back to school, be sure you are ready to protect yourself from harm by learning a few self defense techniques, such as carrying and using a non lethal weapon.

Taser Guns

A Taser Gun is designed to temporarily disable an assailant. Although the effects it has are very dramatic, they are not life threatening and only last for a short time. Using a Taser against someone who is attacking you will give you the chance you need to get away safely.

Taser guns fire out two electrified prongs that attach to your attacker and send a powerful electric shock through their body. The voltage is high enough to completely stun anyone who is endangering you and put them out of commission for up to 20 minutes. When a person is hit by the prongs, they will receive an intense shock to their central nervous system that will completely incapacitate them, but they will not suffer from any long term damage.

Self Defense Training

Although a Taser isn’t lethal, it is still a very powerful self defense weapon. Like any other dangerous device you use, it is important to learn how to properly operate a Taser gun before you carry one in public. Most college campuses offer self defense classes where you can be taught how to handle this weapon correctly, and to shoot it if the need arises.

Your instructor will show you the best way to carry your self defense weapon, and how to use it while in a threatening situation. You will be shown the safest practices for operating a Taser, learn how to aim and fire, be instructed on the distance you can be from your aggressor when you shoot, and find out what you should do next if you are ever forced to use this weapon.

Before you bring a Taser or any type of weapon to school, make sure it is legal to do so. Every campus has their own rules and regulations, so check to see if the university you attend allows students to carry stun weapons. If your school does not allow this type of device, find out what they self defense weapons they do permit on campus.

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