Law enforcement statistics have proven conclusively that burglars only spend a few minutes in any home they break into. In most cases they will be in and out of a targeted house in less than ten minutes. They know that the longer they spend inside, the greater the chances will be that someone may come home or that a neighbor will notice something is wrong and call the police. For his or her own self preservation, a thief will have to move quickly!

Because a burglar only has a short time to look around, they will generally check out a few common areas that are well known for being hiding spots for cash, jewelry and other valuables. While they may know all about diversion safes, but they won’t have time to look through every product in your home just in case you have one. You might have a safe that is a replica of a soda can, shaving cream, book or even a wall outlet. Unlike a safe that is obviously a safe, there is just no way for someone to determine what might or might not be hiding something of value.

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes that will fool anyone who looks at them. You really have to handle the safe and look for a way it could be hiding valuables to even know as most of the safes a re weighted to feel like the real item it is disguising as. They are a very inexpensive way to hide your valuables in plain sight.

In addition to hiding valuables in your home, there are diversion safes that look like common outdoor objects, such as a rock with a false bottom. It is much more secure than hiding a key on a door frame or under a doormat, common places someone looking to break in will look first to spare themselves the time of having to force a lock or break a window.


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