Burglars look for any easy entrance to a home.  In part 2 of this preventing crime series, we go over how to make yours less attractive. A pet door, busted window or unlocked point of access will let them get in quickly. Walk around your house and examine it to make sure there are no vulnerable points that law breakers can use to force their way inside. Fix broken windows, busted locks and any other part of your house that is not secure immediately.

Security windows are designed to not be breakable, so installing them will make your home more of a stronghold. You can even purchase bullet proof glass for extra security. These items can get expensive, so a good alternative is to install a second lock on the window. You can find them at any retail location that sells hardware products, and they do not cost much.

Other areas to reinforce with extra locks and deadbolts are the front and back doors. A criminal may take the time to break or disable one lock on a door, but they will think twice about messing with one that has multiple security devices. Glass sliding doors can also be better secured with a security bar. A solid bar will prevent a door from being opened, and it can not be moved from the outside. You can also find steel pins that lock into place at the bottom of a sliding door to make it impossible to open.

Utilize An Alarm System
Hiring the services of a professional security company that will install an alarm in your house will be reassuring, but can also be very expensive. People who can afford it may want to pay extra for the peace of mind it comes with. Not only will your home be monitored at all times, criminals will also be discouraged from attempting to break in when they see the signs and window decals that inform them of the alarm.

Of course a burglar will not know if you don’t really have an alarm in place. People who can’t afford to install a home alarm company can still buy signs and stickers that announce that they have one. Place a sign in your yard and the decal on your window to give the appearance that you are guarded by a security service. You can also purchase other warning signs such as Vicious Dog an NRA sticker to make criminals think you have attack animals or guns on the premises.

Now that you have better protected your property while you are at home, continue to part 3 of this article to find out why it is important to safeguard the house when you are away and how to stay safe while out for a walk in your neighborhood.

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