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Crime prevention starts with you- and when it comes to your home- safety should start at your front door.

These tips will certainly aid in keeping your home and family members from being prospective victims.

1. Make sure your home is well locked.  All doors at home leading  outside need to have dead-bolt locks. Do not leave a key over a door or under a mat.
The solitary lock on a garage area door is a poor way to keep intruders from opening up the other side and crawling through. Use a padlock. However – while this may sound like common sense- never ever leave it unlocked. This is an invite to have the bolt taken out so a key could be made, and the lock returned to its position. Later, the burglar returns when no one is residence and enters at his leisure, utilizing “his” key.

2. When away in the evening, leave a light burning.

3. Mark your belongings. Keep a precise document of all your most valuable properties.

4. When leaving on a vacation:.

A. Quit all deliveries.
B. Connect a light to a timer.
C. Notify the authorities and have a next-door neighbor check your residence regularly.
D. Have an individual maintain your lawn.

5. Be a concerned next-door neighbor. If you view a person you don’t know, car or circumstance that feels off, call the police.

Safety for the House Resident

  1. If you stay in an apartment structure with an intercom system to the front door, see to it the property manager keeps it in operating order.
  2. Never admit any person unless you are expecting him.
  3. Never ever accept any individual to the structure that aks to view an additional tenant or to supply something to someone else.
  4. Any individual asking admission to ensure that he can do some help an additional occupant should not be answered, yet need to be alert the building super.
  5. If you view someone in your structure which watches out of area or is behaving suspiciously, get in touch with the police immediately.

Elevator Security

  1. Observe elevator inside before entering into it. Hang out until the next elevator comes if you question your possible safety.
  2. Women using the elevator alone should consistently stand near the control panel. If accosted, press ALL buttons.
  3. If a suspicious person gets in the elevator, leave prior to the door shutting.
  4. Before exiting from an elevator, observe the corridor for wary activity.

When Planning Vacations or Polonged Absenses

  1. Discontinue milk, paper, and other deliveries by phone or in person in advance.
  2. Do not leave notes.
  3. Arrange for lawn care and have somebody remove marketing circulars and other particles on a regular basis.
  4. On the other hand, several toys spread about will certainly produce an impression of activity.
  5. Inform the article office to foward your mail or have a credible person get it daily. Apartment building occupants should additionally heed this hint since stuffed mail boxes are a give-away when nobody is at home.
  6. Notify next-door neighbors of your absence so they could be on alert for wary individuals. Leave a key with them so your spot could be regularly evaluated. Ask to differ the positions of your tones and blinds.
  7. When you leave, do not advertise your plans. Some thieves concentrate on checking out paper deliveries.
  8. If you discover a door or glass has actually been broken or damaged while you were away, DO NOT ENTER. The criminal might still be inside. Use a next-door neighbor’s phone immediately to call authorities.

Do not touch anything or clean up if an unlawful act has actually taken place. Protect the setting until police inspect for evidence.

Consistently Bear in mind to

  1. Lock prior to your leaving.
  2. Trust a next-door neighbor with a key.
  3. Be a vigilant neighbor.


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