Thieves TargetsHow do thieves pic their targets? Here are some common mistakes people make which can be avoided which make them more attractive to the wrong people.

Easy Targets
A thief, like every other type of criminal, is nothing more than an opportunist. Thieves look for the easiest prey they can find. They watch for people who appear to be timid, weak and incapable of defending themselves. Criminals also understand that there is indeed safety in numbers, so they choose victims who are alone and too separated from others to get help.

People who walk confidently and display a high level of self assurance are far less likely to be targeted by thieves.  Since a criminal prefers to put the least amount of effort into their heinous deeds, they wait for someone who is slow moving and seems to be unsure of themselves. This is the type of victim who will stand by meekly when they are involved in a confrontation.

The truth is that most thieves are cowards who only want to go after people that are smaller and weaker than them. To avoid being their next victim, do everything you can to stand tall and walk forward quickly and boldly. Once you know the type of person a thief watches for, you can be better prepared to not look like a good target.

Location Location Location
As we mentioned, thieves look for the easiest opportunities available, so sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can make you a victim. Stay away from poorly lit areas where someone can easily remain hidden. Criminals love the element of surprise, and will hide in waiting for an unsuspecting person to pass by. If a criminal can startle you, they will automatically have the upper hand.

Always be very aware of your surroundings, especially when you are out alone at night. Park only in locations that are well lit and as close as possible to your destination. Take the most direct route you can, but stay out of potentially hazardous areas such as dark alleys, parks where people have many hiding spots and anywhere you can not see clearly.

Displaying Your Assets
Thieves prefer to wait for an easy target, but if you make it obvious that you have a large amount of cash, jewelry or other valuables on you, they may make an exception. Keep anything of value well hidden while you are in public. Never flash money, diamonds, personal electronics or other high dollar items so that anyone around can see them. The people who do may decide they want your things for their own.

Most women carry purses and men keep wallets in pockets, so it is best to be as safe as possible with these items. Purses should be held close to the body so that the straps are not easy to grab. Try keeping your wallet in a front or jacket pocket instead of the back. This will make it harder for thieves and pick pockets to get at them.

You can follow these tips to keep yourself safe from a thief. Understand the factors that thieves watch for when selecting victims, and don’t display any of the behaviors they look for in victims.

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