These tips are designed to help you minimize your risk of being a victim when going out.

#1. Be Aware!

When really wanting to know how to secure yourself on city streets or anywhere else is to be mindful of your environment. It the most vital thing you can do.

Understand that wrongdoers search for simple chances to attack an unwary victim. A common target will be an individual who is plainly from out of town and might be daunted by big city life. Beware of where you go, and pay attention to everything and everybody around you. A predator never wants to be seen before committing a crime, so if you stroll intently with your head held high and survey everything, you will certainly be a far less likely target.

Darker streets and streets offer the perfect cover for an aggressor to hide and catch you by surprise. If you are alone, keep a decently fast pace, get to where you are going and make your way inside. You never ever know when a predator may be looking to see if you linger. It gives them a chance to assault you.

#2. Guard Your Money

In a city there are thousands of people around, so the odds of coming across a predator ends up are higher than in a less crowed environment. Never flash money on a city street, as that will invite a burglar to target you. A pickpocket would be able to take your wallet out of a back or coat pocket easily, but will be far less likely to try to reach into a front pocket, which makes that an ideal location to store your cash and credit cards.

Women need to hold their bags near their bodies, shoulder strap around the neck and torso. Otherwise a snatcher might be tempted to grab, and it can turn violent if you try to stop them. If a snatcher gets to the contents of your purse, It’s better to not put up a fight than to run the risk of being injured. Carry as little money as possible, and just one or two credit cards. If the bag is taken, your loss will not be as great as possible alternatives.

#3 Keep Street Encounters Short

It’s OK to be polite, even to complete strangers, but be careful of any person you do not know who approaches you. They might ask for directions, cash or anything else. Tell them you can’t help them. If they continue, tell them that you are not able to help and that a law enforcement officer would be a better choice to provide assistance.

A personal alarm is a terrific way to hinder complete strangers who will not go away after you’ve asked. Sounding an alarm system will get hold of the attention of everyone around, and direct it at you. A predator won’t want to be seen by witnesses, and will almost certainly leave you alone.

In Case Of Assault

If an attack is unavoidable, you need to be prepared to strike back. Practice any self defense maneuvers you know and aim for pressure points on the assaulter’s body. Don’t be afraid to use a self defense weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun. The device will protect you and leave no permanent damage on the aggressor.

Anyone who has been the victim of a violent attack or rape city should look for quick clinical attention. Get to a healthcare facility as quickly as possible, and make a complete report to the authorities.

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