Preparing For The Big Night
One of the first steps towards getting ready for Halloween involves picking out the right costume. Kids may have a lot of ideas about what they want to be, but a major part of the decision should be based strictly on safety. Does the costume have a mask, wig or another component that will be difficult to see through? Having a clear line of vision should be a mandatory aspect for every Halloween disguise. Costumes are often dark, which makes it difficult for motorists to see them. Consider placing small pieces of reflective tape on the costume, or at least on the goody bag your child will be carrying. The kids may complain about this a little, but it’s better to know they are safe and put up with their grievances.

One final thing to watch out for when purchasing a costume is to be certain it is flame resistant. Halloween is a night of brightly lit jack-o-lanterns that can catch the interest of children and adults alike. Although they are amusing to look at, they can also be a fire hazard. Help ensure your children are safe by only purchasing costumes made out of flame retardant materials.

Trick Or Treat!
The time has finally arrived for the kids to go door to door and shout out that annual decree which brings the promise of free candy. Kids should never be allowed to take to the streets without proper adult supervision. They will be unaware of some of the dangers they might encounter, and far too excited to remember important safety details they would otherwise be aware of. At least one adult should accompany the children at all times. When it’s your turn, you may find that it is far more of a pleasure to be with the kids for this fun event than a chore. Remember to take a cell phone with you for emergencies. You may be responsible for chaperoning an entire group of kids. If so, do your best to keep them together at all time. This is especially important when crossing the street. Young children may not think twice about running across the street without looking for cars. It is up to you to keep everyone in a group and get them all home safely.

As children get a little too old to agree to walking around the block with a parent, consider providing them with a personal alarm. This is a small device that will produce an intensely loud shriek when it is turned on. Kids can use it when they are in danger, and it will alert everyone on the block that someone is in need of help.

Before Enjoying The Snacks
It’s sad to think about, but some people will tamper with the candy they give out to children. Make sure the treats are safe before your child is allowed to eat them. Kids will be eager to get started on their goodies, so you may want to supply them with some from your stash until you can be certain the candy they have been given is safe. Check with a local police station to find out where you can have the candy professionally x-rayed and examined.

Explain to your kids that Halloween is the only time of year when it is okay to accept candy from people they don’t know. Tell them that is why you take so many precautions for the night – to make sure they are completely safe and can enjoy a threat free holiday.

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