Maintaining Safety While Exercising Outdoors
Running, cycling, power walking and other outdoor activities are a great way to spend time outside and get active. Not only do these exercises not require a membership fee, they also come with the benefit of spending some time out of doors. It can be a great opportunity for a little peace and quiet and privacy, but for safety’s sake it is also a good idea to take a trusted friend with you. Please read these crime prevention tips below and keep your activities enjoyable.

One of the problems behind working out is finding the time to do it. People work, take care of families and have a long list of duties and responsibilities. This causes exercise enthusiasts to take advantage of any free time they can set aside, which usually means early in the morning and later in the evening. Fitness buffs are often found outside before the sun goes up or after it has already set. Unfortunately, criminals are well aware of this fact.

Danger In The Dark
Being outside alone can be dangerous, especially when it is dark. Predators will lay in wait for individuals to pass by so they can catch them by surprise. The lack of light provides an ideal setting for them to hide and remain unseen until they spring out and attack. They have the element of surprise and can easily catch victims off guard. Exercising with a partner will greatly reduce the chances of this happening to you. Most criminals prefer to accost a person who is on their own, and will shy away from groups of two or more.

Whenever you do go out, alone or with an exercise partner, always be on alert. Pay careful attention to your surroundings and avoid areas that are not well lit and may have numerous hiding places for criminals. You might enjoy listening to music while you exercise, but remember to keep the volume low enough that you can hear what’s happening around you. A predator can easily sneak up from behind if they know you have neither seen nor heard them.

Arm Yourself
No matter how many precautions you take, it is possible you will encounter a thief, mugger or violent criminal while enjoying some outdoor activity. People who spend time outdoors regularly can learn to defend themselves from an attack by taking a martial arts class or carrying a self defense weapon. Non lethal devices like pepper spray, and stun guns can be used to put a quick end to any confrontation. When used against an assailant, the weapons will temporarily incapacitate them so you will have an opportunity to get away and call the police.

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