What They Are
Personal Alarms are small, battery powered electronic devices. The moment they are switched on, the alarm produces an incredibly loud and high pitched noise that will stop people in their tracks and demand their attention. Some models can reach up to 150 decibels, which is a strikingly loud volume. These alarms can not be ignored, but remember to keep it stocked with fresh batteries so the unit will always work properly.

Perhaps the most common use for a personal alarm is as a crime deterrent. Criminals never want to have any attention on themselves while they are committing their illegal activities. They rely on the element of surprise and wait for situations in which people are alone and most vulnerable. The last thing a law breaker wants is to have an alarm sounded that lets everyone around know that danger is nearby. When people hear the siren, they will want to see what is going on and call the police, both of which the criminal strongly hopes to avoid.

Easy To Carry
Another benefit of personal alarms is that they are small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or even be carried in your hand. There are models that are made specifically for key chains, which make it even easier to keep them at arms reach everywhere you go. Don’t be caught by a criminal with no way to signal for help, keep your alarm in one location at all times, so you always know exactly where it is.

Carrying a personal alarm is ideal for younger children, older people or anyone who does not want to use an actual weapon. Individuals who are opposed to any act of violence, even to defend themselves, can still put out a call for help when they activate their alarm. Most of the time the assailant will flee immediately, but even if they don’t the shrill noise will let everyone around that you need immediate assistance.

Home Usage
People usually think about using a personal alarm if they are in danger while in a public location, but they are equally effective for use at home. A burglar who is breaking in relies on the cover of darkness and the quiet of night to remain inconspicuous. If you were to sound a personal alarm, it would attract the attention of the entire block, and send the intruder running away in fear.

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