While cybercrime is a relatively new form of crime with the widespread popularization of the Internet, it is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society and the world.

As we become more and more used to being online for many day to day activities, it’s potential to effect us grows as well. Becoming educated is a good first step to combating it.

Crimes generally committed include:

  • Hacking
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Child Pornography
  • Selling Illegal Substances through Trafficking
  • Posting of Unsuitable Content
  • Issues concerning Privacy when confidential information is deflected lawfully.

Cyber Bullying

The most common cybercrimes carried out today are named above. Cybercrime, particularly that which exploits the young and children not only has a devastating effect on them today, but has the potential produce scars and issues for generations to come.

Cyber harassment, on the other hand is a kind of similar but distinct cybercrime. Several types of harassment occur in cyberspace. Most general harassment types include sexual, racial, religious or otherwise. Persons included in committing such harassment are also accusable to cybercrimes. Trespassing the privacy of a naturalized member/person of a state, city, town, or other community brings us the harassment of another related field under cybercrime, which is again serious. Nobody wants to let anyone get access to the very important and extremely sensitive information of him or her.

Another section of cybercrime is that of against various forms of ownership. Crimes under this category include unauthorized impingement copyrighted materials, broadcasting of malware, computer hacking & devastation, and unauthorized retention of digital information.

Phishing is an emerging trend in the world of cybercrime. Trojan horse programs are basically designed to allow hackers access the computers from remote locations and steal information from your accounts. The advantage of this type of piracy to cyber criminal is that he/she has a continuous flow of data with a little chance of detection.

With the extraordinary research and enhancements in Technology, no doubt computers have acquired an integral part of the working world today. With all the benefits of computers and information technology comes the growing issue of cybercrime.

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