Palm Strike
Another useful combat technique is the palm strike. For this you hold your hand open, and use your palm to make a hit. The power in this come from incorporating your entire body into the strike. Don’t just swing with your arm, start with your feet and lift yourself upward to create a tremendous amount of force. The energy that begins at your feet will move upward and end at your palm, which will make a powerful weapon when used to strike the head, chest or back of your attacker.

If you are attacked, it is essential to react quickly and use anything you can to your advantage. The techniques discussed here are meant to help give you some basic self defense knowledge. To make them effective, it is essential to practice and get ready for any type of assault. Learn more by taking a hand to hand combat class from a qualified instructor.

The Palm Strike

Another good way to apply the palm strike technique is to step on the foot of the attacker and simultaneously use a Palm strike to the inside or outside part of the knee. It is very important to remember, you want to drive through the target. Think of your hand as a rock. If you drop a rock into the water, the rock will not stop or bounce back. It will fall to the bottom. Don’t hold back use all your energy and drive through the target area.

If an attacker has you by the neck with arms outstretched. There is another effective technique, you can use. In an almost simultaneous attack, you want to raise your knee into the groin or leg of the attacker and then without hesitation, use a double palm strike to the elbows of the attackers extended arms. Your chin, will act as a lock to the attacker’s hands. When you strike, keep your elbows tight to your body and push straight up on the elbows of the attacker. This will hyper extend the elbow, forcing them to release their grip.

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