Simply exactly just what Is Pepper Spray?
Pepper spray is a chemical substance that is made with extremely (and we mean extremely) hot peppers. The active ingredient is called Oleoresin Capsicum. It is the extract from specific types of peppers that blended with a special resin that can be shot from a small container. Each container of spray is given a “Scoville Heat Unit” (SHU) number. To understand just how hot this is, look at it’s SHU rating.

What It Does

Just one blast of pepper spray is enough to stop almost anyone immediately. An undesirable flood of pepper will get into the eyes, mouth and nose, making it extremely painful to see or move. It has a noticeable impact on regular breathing attributes, and will essentially put a grown man down for 20 minutes to an hour or longer. None of the undesirable issues from pepper spray last for a long time, so it is a secure yet non-lethal form of self defense.

Spraying someone who is trying to harm you will give you time to flee. It should only be used if someone is trying to harm you. Never before spray it on anyone you don’t intend to harm.

Think of the strongest, spiciest pepper you have actually ever eaten, and if any of it has ever unintentionally ended up in your eyes or nose. Pepper spray is generally at least 100,000 times hotter.

One more Perk
One wonderful thing about carrying pepper spray is that it can be utilized from a distance. A great deal of containers work from a variety of feet away anywhere from 6-20 or more. This means self protection sufficiently far from someone. It is amongst among one of the most effective distance defense weapons you can use.

If in the future you are ever accosted or attacked, we hope you have a some pepper spray with you.

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