Senior Citizens

Here are some effective non lethal personal weapons for seniors.

Stun Guns
A stun gun is a very potent device for senior safety. The gun emits a tremendous electrical shock, and touching the tip of the weapon to an assailant will send the electricity coursing throughout their body.

As soon as the stun gun makes physical contact, the criminal will be down for the count. The weapon can temporarily disable any person, and will usually leave them incapacitated for several minutes. These devices must be used in close proximity to an attacker, but they are very effective when a predator is close to you.

Pepper Spray
A can of pepper spray contains several blasts of blazing hot mist that will take down even the biggest bully. All you do is point the canister at a predator’s face and press the trigger to release a powerful cloud of debilitating spray.

Once the pepper spray touches the criminal, it will get into their eyes, ears and nasal passages. The spray will cause their throat to constrict, eyes to sting and water, and nose to run. It makes it difficult for your assailant to breathe, and will completely stop them in their tracks so you can get away.

TASERS are another family of stun weapons. They shoot two electrical prongs that attach to the criminal and take them out with a severe jolt of power.

Most TASERS have a range of several feet, so they can be used from a safe distance. This allows you to utilize the weapon before an attacker has a chance to get close enough to physically harm you.

All of these weapons are non lethal, and will not do any permanent damage. They are an ideal method of providing a potent way to stay safe without the risk of seriously endangering anyone.

Important Notes
Before you carry any type of weapon, it is highly recommended that you take a self defense class that will train you on how to properly handle and fire the device you are planning to use should the need arise.

Not all weapons are legal in every state, so make sure you won’t be breaking the law if you carry one locally, or while out of town.

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