Here are some useful tips designed to increase safety for seniors at home. These inexpensive and effective things you can do right away will reduce your chances of being a victim in your home.

Start by installing durable locks on all your doors and windows. Burglars are interested in finding the easiest opportunity, so if your home is strongly fortified they will be likely to move on. Never leave spare keys under your doormat or in any other conspicuous place. Criminals know the most common hiding spots for keys; so don’t give them easy access. Install a security alarm system in your home, or if that’s too expensive, place a sign in your yard. Again, a law breaker will be looking for the easiest opportunity and will very likely pass up your home if they even believe you have a system in place.

If an unexpected visitor shows up at your home, identify them before you open the door. Use a peephole or window to visually assess who they are, and don’t be afraid to call the police if the person won’t go away.

Is Someone Watching You?
Many criminals will watch a home before they break in. They look for regular routines so they know when you are least likely to be home, and pick out the easiest way to get inside. Varying your personal routine can discourage a predator, because they won’t be certain when your home will be vacant.

Keep an eye out for people who appear to be watching your home. Work with the people who live nearby to form a Neighborhood Watch so you can look out for each other. If you notice suspicious characters who appear to be spending time driving up and down your block or hanging out in front of your house, call the police immediately.

Effective Safety Products
Despite your best efforts to keep predators out, a determined and well-trained criminal may be able to get into your home. A break in can be a very dangerous scenario if you are in the house, so you may want to consider keeping a self-defense weapon.

There are several non-lethal devices that you can use against an intruder. A can of pepper spray will shoot a blistering hot mist to stop any home invader. The spray will temporarily inhibit their respiratory system and leave them gasping for breath. Stun guns will shoot powerful jolts of electricity into a predator’s body the moment the weapon makes physical contact. TASERS fire two electrified prongs from several feet away. Both of these stun weapons are guaranteed to take down an invader.

With luck you will never have to use a weapon in your home, but if you do remember to stay calm and call the police immediately.

While On Vacation
Your home may be in jeopardy if you are gone for several days, so it’s up to you to fortify the place properly. Start by temporarily canceling the mail and any newspaper subscription. Nothing provides are more surefire signal that you are away than a stack of papers on the lawn, or envelopes flowing out of the mailbox.

Hide any valuables you leave behind in a well constructed or even a diversion safe. These are safes that are cleverly disguised as normal household items, such as a can of soda or a book. You can keep a fake safe where you would keep the real thing, and you’ll be hiding your cherished goods in a place where criminals won’t find them- right in plain sight.

Before you leave, tell a trusted neighbor that you’ll be out of town. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious behavior. Give them a number to reach you in case of an emergency.

Securing your home should be high on the list of every senior safety plan. Make your house a place unappealing to criminals to protect your belongings, yourself and your loved ones.

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