These safety tips are designed for seniors to help them remain safe when using public transportation.

Other Riders
Whatever your preferred mode of transportation may be, spend some time watching the people around you.

Be wary of people who are acting suspicious, or anyone who sits too close when there are plenty of seats available. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, move to another seat, or alert the driver if you feel you feel you are in danger.

While riding, you may want to read, nap or find something else to pass the time, but you should stay alert at all times. This is especially important when you have several bags or packages with you. A predator can easily grab something that belongs to you if you aren’t paying attention.

Seniors who frequently utilize public transportation may want to carry a personal alarm. This is a security device that emits a loud warning siren when activated. It is guaranteed to be heard by everyone around, and can help scare a potential thief or assailant away. You may also want to consider carrying a non lethal weapon. See our Personal Weapons For Seniors article for more information.

Safe Travel Times
Seniors usually use public transportation during the day, when other riders are likely to be present. Regardless of what time you travel, there are a few safety tips you can follow to make sure your trip is worry free.

Try to avoid riding the subway alone at night. Crime rates always go up in the dark, and the subway can be a dangerous place for any solo rider, regardless of age, after the sun goes down. Avoid bus stops that are located in isolated areas. This is important whether you are getting on or off the bus. Although taxis cost more, they may be safer to use if you are alone. Never exit a taxi in a dark area where a criminal could be hiding. Ask the driver to deliver you to a safe, well-lit location.

Public transportation provides a great solution to allow seniors to get wherever they want to go. Whenever possible, ride with friends, and follow these public transportation safety tips to help you arrive safely every time.

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