These safety tips for seniors are meant to help avoid a potential issue before it escalates, and advise on what to do if an issue does arise.

Prevent a Confrontation

Think about this: if you were ever are threatened in public, what would you do?

The way you react could be the difference between becoming a victim and avoiding a potentially dangerous encounter.

One of the best safety tips for seniors is to discourage someone from following through with an assault is to prevent a potential confrontation in the first place. There is safety in numbers, and a criminal won’t want to be seen by multiple people who may be able to describe them to the police. If there are people close by, yell for help, or shout for someone to dial 911.

Just calling for assistance doesn’t always work, so it is good idea to have something that will really grab people’s attention. A good recommendation for seniors in general is a personal alarm. This is a self defense device that emits an ear splitting siren that is an unmistakable cry for help. It will be noticed by anyone in the vicinity, and alert bystanders of the need for assistance.

Worst Case Scenario
Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a criminal will set their mind on an attack and nothing can prevent it.

A senior citizen self defense class can teach some basic, but highly effective moves that are designed to catch an assailant off guard and give an opportunity to get away safely. There are many different personal defense classes, including courses in how to defend using items most people commonly carry. Some seniors have even learned how to turn their walking canes into very powerful weapons.

Senior citizens may also choose to carry a non lethal self defense weapon. Read more about these safety devices in our Personal Weapons For Seniors article.

Although it is important to do everything to avoid danger and prevent a confrontation, it is also essential to realize that if an attacker is carrying a gun, knife or any lethal weapon, the best option is to cooperate. There may be a loss of money or personal items, but nothing of it is worth risking life and limb.

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