Securing Your Car, Motorbike or Bike

Securing Your Automobile

Always lock your doors. Be certain all windows are totally shut. When driving, keep all doors secured. It is most ideal to park in attended lots. If you have to leave a key with someone, leave only the ignition part if possible. In all cases lock your car. At night, park in well-lighted locations.

Even if you have a garage area, make sure you’ve locked your car as well.

Among 3 methods might be used to protect the car even further:

  1. An anti theft steering wheel lock to prevent the wheel from being turned. They are inexpensive, easily applied and removed.
  2. An audible alarm. Yes, they are obnoxious and loud but they also make your car less desirable because there is unwanted attention on it.
  3. If you don’t want¬† or can’t spring for an alarm, placing decals that say you have an alarm and a small decoy flashing light on the top of the dash can do the trick. This will deter a lot of criminals looking for the easiest target.

Protecting Your Bike
You don’t leave your automobile unlocked, so manage your bike the same way.

Use an authorized chain and padlock whenever you are not on the seat! Lock it to the garage area – with a 3/8″ x 6″ eye screw fastened to a stud. The eye screw must be at the very least 3 feet above the floor, because this uses a crowbar a lot more hard.

Whenever you lock your bike in a public area, chain it to a safe shelf or put it through the framework and a wheel. Keep the bike in plain view.

This minimizes the take advantage of for a crowbar or bolt cutter assault.

Minimum Criterion for an Approved Chain
A chain really needs to be a the very least 5/16″ hardened steel alloy. Links should be of continuous bonded building. Lighter chain, or chain with open web links just will not hold up well to bolt cutters.

Securing Your Motorcycle
After making the investment in this mode of transportation that can cost almost as much as or sometimes even more than a car it makes no sense to skimp. The bike should be safeguarded with a mated 3/8″ set steel alloy chain and a padlock of equivalent strength. Sheathed wire has not proven to be a very effective way to prevent burglary.


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