Inner City Transportation
Populations in large cities utilize buses and trains to get them from home to work, take them to places for social purposes as well as for trips to go shopping or attend events.

Much of the travel is done during peak hours, so there will almost certainly be a lot of people around. While this might lead to crowded situations, it likewise offers a “safety in numbers” scenario for travelers. Offenders search for those separated from others, so you are much much less likely to be accosted when in a large group.
Other times you may discover yourself waiting at a selection up point where very couple of individuals are about. When this takes place, seek out the largest number of people you can find. Crooks could be lurking behind-the-scenes, waiting for somebody to stray by themselves where they will be separated. If there aren’t people around, at the very least hang around in a well lit area – even if it means standing away from a bus stop. A mugger or worse will want you to be in the dark and utilize it to benefit from the element of surprise against you. Remain in the best area you can till you can see a bus or train. It doesn’t hurt to wave to notify a bus driver that you want to ride the bus. When waiting for a train or trolly, make sure you keep a safe distance from the tracks.

When you are on a bus that has only a few passengers, sit up near to the front. A criminal is less likely to single you out if you are near the driver. Pay very close attention to anyone exiting at the very same stop no matter what form of public transportation you use. It is most likely a coincidence, yet it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on them to make sure they aren’t following you.

If you think you are being followed, get to a public location as fast as you can and stop to check and see if they pass by. Don’t leave until they are no longer around. Call the cops if you are not sure that you are secure. Whatever you do, don’t go home if you think someone is following you. Don’t unwittingly let an unwanted person have your address.

You may need to get a taxi home. When you enter, inspect the credentials and make sure the image id matches the person driving the vehicle. Take the following taxicab if you do not really feel safe for any reason.

Also, there are new car services like Uber and Lyft (more on these services coming in another post) that are coming to cities all over the world that run off of mobile phone apps. These have advantages of compatible costs, but driver background checks and no cash involved in the transaction.

As you fill up your bags for an air travel, keep in mind the new and updated laws regarding what you can and can’t bring on board. Pack as little possible, and bring just what you require. Keep your bags nearby you at all times when you reach the airport terminal.

Every flight terminal has security officers at work, so if you really feel threatened by anybody, find a guard and request assistance.

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