Here are some summer safety tips to make the time you spend outdoors safe and enjoyable.

Be Observant In Public

When you load the family into the car and head out to a fun filled destination, always keep in mind that criminals may be sharing your day with you. By following a few simple outdoor safety tips you can do everything possible to avoid being victimized by predators who might be watching. Law breakers are always on the lookout for an easy target, so make sure you don’t give them one.

Always lock your doors and roll up the windows when you leave your car. Car thieves regularly patrol parking lots and try door handles to see if they will open. They are hoping for an unlocked vehicle that they can get into quickly and take anything that was left inside. You should always store valuable items in the trunk, so that a criminal does not see them and become tempted to break in.

While enjoying your day, keep a close eye on your entire family … and everyone around you. Look for strangers who seem to be watching you or getting too close. They may be trying to determine if you have something they can take. Protect your loved ones and personal items carefully, and make sure no predator has a chance to steal from you.

Summer Safety At Home
All summer long people are outdoors working on projects like lawn care, hosting barbecues or relaxing by a pool. It can be easy to forget to close a door or window, but if they are left open it creates an easy opportunity for a burglar. Garage doors, in particular, are regularly used by criminals to gain access to a home during the warmer months. People go outside to do yard work and forget to close the garage door. Criminals may steal items from the garage itself, which usually contains tools and other valuable belongings, or use it as an easy way to get into your home. Once inside, the law breaker can grab an armful of things quickly, and run off without ever being noticed.

Some criminals will work together during the summer months. One will come to your door and distract you, while the other sneaks into your garage, back yard or home to take whatever they can grab. Be wary of anyone who approaches your front door and don’t let them take up too much of your time. Every year thousands of burglaries occur all over the United States. Teach your family how to guard themselves and their property and do what you can to ensure a safe and happy summer for everyone.

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