Learn The Rules Of Aviation

Everyone knows that there are knew rules about flying, but are you aware of all the specifics? The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has provided a list of all the new flight guidelines that travelers should know. They cover a variety of travel tips and security policies that must be adhered to when you fly. Here are some of those rules:

Bring your id with you, including your passport if you are leaving the country. These are items you will want to have on your person at all times. Lose them, and you will have a difficult time getting home. Be prepared to show them when you check in at the airport. The id must be a valid state or federal issue, and contain your name, birth date, gender and date of expiration. TSA offers a list of valid forms of id online.

The rules for carrying any type of liquid on to a plane have changed in recent years. A new policy is in place known as 3-1-1. It specifies that any liquid must be held in nothing larger than a 3 ounce container. All of your liquid filled containers must be held inside of one clear plastic bag that features a zip lock at the top. Passengers are allowed just one of these baggies within their luggage. Anything above these limits will be taken away and disposed of. There are only a few exceptions, and all for medical purposes.

Nothing that is considered to be a potential danger to others is allowed on an airplane. This includes anything with a sharp blade, sports products, tools, martial arts items and firearms. Many of these products can be brought on board within checked luggage, as long as they are legal for you to carry across state lines.

While packing, keep in mind that your bags are subject to being searched at any time. Place larger items such as jackets or electronic equipment in baggage that will be checked.  Organize your belongings in an orderly manner so they can be reviewed quickly by security personnel.

When you travel during the holidays, you may wish to bring some unusual items with you. Don’t wrap any gifts you will be bringing on the plane, because security officials will need to search them. That means they will have to tear apart your carefully adorned presents and you will have to do it all over again. You may want to bring specific foods or beverages with you, so visit the TSA website to find out what you can and can not take on board.

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