Be Careful Where You Go
You probably know that there are some parts of your town that are not the safest places to be, especially after dark. The same holds true for any city, state or country you visit. Keep away from areas that are recognized as “danger zones” and always be on the lookout for criminals wherever you are. Tourists are one of the most regular targets of muggers, robbers and thieves, because they are often too occupied to pay attention to their surroundings. While you are on vacation, always stay alert and mindful of the fact that predators may be watching you. Don’t let a criminal catch you by surprise!

Keep your money stashed somewhere safe, or better yet purchase Traveler’s Checks that require a valid identification to be cashed. Always keep your personal id close to you so it will not be lost or taken. Don’t keep it in your wallet, because if you fall victim to a pick pocket you will lose the documentation you need to get on your return flight.

Safety Products
There are several self defense products you can purchase for your own personal protection. You will need to make sure they approved to bring on your flight within the checked-in luggage, and that they are legal in the state or country you are visiting. One product that may be taken most anywhere is a personal alarm. It is a small security device that produces an ear splitting howl when activated. Use one when you are in danger or in need of immediate attention. When the alarm sounds, everyone within a few block radius will hear it and look in your direction.

Stun guns allow you to defend yourself from up close, so if you are being attacked you can utilize it to stop your assailant cold. Much like a Taser, the stun gun sends a jolt of electricity into an aggressor and temporarily incapacitates them. Air Tasers can be fired at a criminal from a distance, which allows you to protect yourself while remaining well out of reach. Both of these stun devices work immediately, do no permanent damage and will keep you safe if you are attacked.

Pepper spray is another non lethal weapon that brings an abrupt end to an assault. Scorching hot peppers are mixed with a resin and fired out of a small canister. Most brands have a range of up to 8 feet, so again it can be used from a safe distance. When a criminal is blasted with the spray, their normal respiratory functions will shut down temporarily and the attack will be stopped immediately.

Personal defense weapons will keep you safe when you travel, and there is another product you can purchase to help protect you while you are in your hotel room. A doorstop alarm is an inexpensive device that rests against the door of your hotel room and acts as a motion sensor. It will sound if anyone attempts to open the door and alert you about an intruder. The sounding of the alarm will generally discourage the criminal and send them on their way before help can arrive.

Take care and be cautious when you travel. By following these simple safety tips, you can help ensure your experience is enjoyable and free from danger.

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