There are particular items you ought to ALWAYS have with you in your motor vehicle for winter driving safety.

These include:
jumper wires, lock de-ice, emergency treatment set, flashlight, road flares or emergency pens, shovel, sand, a plastic bag with toilet tissue, additional electric batteries, a pre-paid phone card, ice scraper, tire chains or cords, air compressor (merely in case you forgot to check your pressure), a bag with some winter season clothing, a quilt, some water, washer fluid, coolant, tools,  some energy bars or other food stuffs.

Yes. It may seem like a huge list but by having a few of these simple thing you could make a roadside emergency situation manageable. There lots of roadside emergency sets on the market today you could get readily that have the majority of what’s been noted above as well as more. These kits will run from $25.00 to over $100.00 Anyone which has ever before needed help in the center of a snowstorm will certainly tell you it’s a small cost for the peace of mind. Personally I think it’s far better to have it and not require it, than needing it and not having it.

In addition to your kit items, here are some tips that could quite possibly save your life in the event you get stuck in bad conditions.

• Make sure someone knows where you’re going as well as approximately what time you ought to be arriving.
• Stay on main roads and take one of the most direct option. Winter and bad weather is not the time to be discovering new roads.
• Ensure your cell phone is completely charged up and bring your auto adapter.
• If you should need to stop, continue to be inside your motor vehicle as long as possible and make use of a bright distress lights to accentuate your car. STAY with it! DO NOT WANDER OFF.
• DO NOT get into another car with people you do not know.
• If you are caught in a blizzard run your engine and also heating unit for at least 10 minutes every hr. Do not neglect to open your windows slightly as well as in the event of a great deal of snow buildup clear the tailpipe of your vehicle.
• Throughout night hours, keep the dome light on or your emergency situation flashers so rescuers or those looking for you will quickly find you.
• Keep an emergency situation set in your motor vehicle.

A little prevention you could make your wintertime driving much safer.

One more resource for winter season safety and security is the Washington State Department of Health’s Disaster Preparedness Handbook which you could download from their website

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